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KRILLY KRILLZ In Webster’s Dictionary the definition of real is actual, to be genuine. In the world of Hip Hop the word real is often and excessively over used until its true meaning is lost. Originality is a core component in hip hop and Krillz posses’ originality and distinctiveness. He represents the true essence of the word real as it applies to the Hip Hop music and culture today. Krillz was born and raised in the South Bronx. He grew up listening to the artists who influenced him the most to follow his dream of becoming a rapper. These artists were Biggie, Nas, Jay-z and mase. While growing up in the South Bronx Krillz had a passion for two things basketball and rapping. Krillz actually received this name from a teammate of his, he received this name because every night he played against a different team, but no matter what team he played against he served every player like a hustler. This name suits him perfectly because he will bring the pureness and originality that the game of Hip Hop wants and needs. Krillz is representing the four corners of the Bronx and he is one of the new and upcoming artists emerging from the South Bronx today and plans to leave his mark. At the age of 12 krillz fell in love with hip hop after spending time in the recording studio with his cousin Nu York. Night in and night out Krillz practiced his craft as he listened to Ron G’s R/R mix tapes eager to one day being on Ron’s mix tapes with one of his own songs. Krillz came to a point in his life when he had to put the one thing he loved so much on hold for another. At the age of 14 he became one of New York City’s top basketball prospects. Even though he was on top in the basketball world that still didn’t come before the love of his music. During his off seasons he would find the time to record his songs with his cousin at the studio. After his senior year in Clinton the basketball dream died down and eventually took a back seat while krillz focused more on his music side that he loved so much. In 2004 Krillz joined a group called Illa Click and released three mix tapes in one year. While releasing the mix tapes Illa click held several shows at night clubs. Krillz had much success performing live at SOB, rumba, wild Palms, Pyramid, and Downing College. He also completed a DVD called Hood life. In 2005 Illa Click was nominated for group of the year and unsurpassed live performance in the Uma’s. The group had phenomenal success with a number one song on southern Connecticut and Hartford university radio stations. As time went on the group had difference of opinion and separated in 2006. In 2007 Krillz resurfaced and hooked up with the First n flight team and just completed his mix tape with DJ Rob e Rob. The mix tape is entitled “Let me Hold Something”. You can find the CD on